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Seems this has been discussed many times before, I see a lot of posts about this, but no solution to this problem.
I optimisticly assume shopify staff would have noticed this and prepared solution by now.

I see shipping zone can be further specified to provinces.
So if Indonesia has 33 states, we can set 1 shipping per state.

However, because some states are very big, one city's shipping rate and another city's shipping rate (within the same state)  can be very different. One can be very expensive and another can be very cheap.

If we set the higher price, it would be unfair for customers order from the cheaper shipping rate city.
and if we set the cheaper one, we can end up in losing money in shipping cost.

How do I setup rate per city wise in shopify ?

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Do you know if this app works for shipping zones in Colombia?


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Hi @MatchMarketing ,


Do you mean this app: ?

It does work in Colombia and many Colombian stores use it.

Hope this helps,