Clarification on fee's for bank deposits vs checkout process

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I am looking to build a new site that will be for wholesale customers to log into and then they will pay via Net 30 days or similar - essentially by bank transfer. 


There will be an API between the new site and the central procurement system to process the orders and keep track of inventory. 


I am a little unsure of how or even if Shopify will take a percentage of these orders (commission) as I will probably use the wholesale club app from pixel union as i have used it before on another project with no dramas (i am a developer and this was for payments via the normal shopify payments system, card etc) . 


So, would I be right in assuming that as long as the shopify checkout system is enabled (shopify payments)  (i will not be taking card payments at this time) - that if i set up customers to pay via bank transfer either via manual payments or by the wholesale app for net 30 payments (essentially the same thing) i can trigger an invoice for the customer and an order will be marked as pending / draft and then when the customer pays it can be marked as fulfilled etc. 


What i am concerned about is if the API triggers that an order is fulfilled Shopify says "oh thanks for that order via bank transfer, can i have my 1%?" 


I could keep the orders manual but would be nice to automate via the API to confirm that an order is fulfilled etc. 


I have reached out to the people who run various Wholesale app's and have looked the documentation on manual payments where it says you arent charged for third party fee's for manual payments (bank transfer etc, we are never going to use COD so that's not in the scope) but it would be nice to get confirmation on fees for these sorts of transactions. 


Would anyone know or have experience on these sorts of payments and fees?


Thank you 








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Hi Stewart, 


I am curious if you ever found an answer to your question, i am planning to do the same through a plugin but not sure whether 1% needs to be paid to shopify for using other payment methods where an order is placed with net 15/30 days and being processed automatically


Looking forward to your reply