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COD vs Shipping Options - HELP

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How can we link COD to a specific shipping option or the other way around.

I have 2 shipping options and 2 payment options, and one of the shipping options dose not accept COD.

The problem I'm having now is when customers select for example (DHL) and move on to the payment option they select (COD) , the problem is DHL dose not support COD in my case, I need to prevent them from doing that.

I hope I presented the issue in a clear way. 

I would really apricate any suggestion or apps recommendation.

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Hey 1Cup!

Unfortunately that is currently not possible. That's because shipping options are independent from payment methods so you can't link them.

What I can suggest you is to use a single shipping rate and then ship orders with different couriers based on the payment method your customers choose.

If you need to charge customers an additional fee if they choose Cash on Delivery you can use our app that allows you to add an extra fee to Cash on Delivery orders and adds some cool features to Shopify to improve the experience of Cash on Delivery customers.

Let me know if this helps!