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Collection vs Shipping restricting users from adding collection and shipping in same cart

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If a user adds a product that is ONLY available for pickup or local delivery to the cart WITH a product that ships, the shipping is calculated based on the product that ships.  The user is not notified that the other product is only available for pick up and local delivery.

What can I do to make sure that this doesn't happen?


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Did you ever get a reply to this question

I have this problem, and another.  Prior to a customer adding anything to the cart, I want them to select the delivery option they would like;  Either Delivery or Pick-UP.   This is important because I used two locations (50 miles apart), one for delivery and one for pick-up, and they have different stock.   By getting the customer to choose the fulfilment option at the beginning, I can then present the different stock to them.

Any thoughts?