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Combined shipping shows lowest rate

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TL;DR How can I make sure that the custom shipping fee takes precedence over the free shipping rule?

I sell some items which we ship and qualify for free shipping on orders >50EUR while other items (furniture) NEVER qualify for this and also only ship to addresses close to our warehouse (as we deliver them ourselves). 

Until recently this worked well with one shipping rate for all products which would show free shipping on orders >50EUR and custom shipping for all items in the furniture collection. We have had orders where a customer would include both furniture and non-furniture and even though the total price was >50EUR, the shipping fee of 9,95EUR for furniture would be charged. 

Today, for reasons that are beyond me, suddenly customers started placing combined orders and where NOT charged a shipping fee. They received free shipping. However, if they would place an order for ONLY a furniture item, the shipping fee would be charged. 

I REALLY need to know how to turn this off, because it's not even so much about the actual cost for shipping, it's that we do furniture deliveries by ourselves and we now receive orders from all over the country for our furniture, for free. 

How can I make sure that the custom shipping fee takes precedence over the free shipping rule?

Thanks a lot for any help

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Basically to simplify my own case:

Furniture check-out: shipping costs €9,95 (custom shipping rate is correctly applied)

Furniture + regular item check-out: shipping costs free (somehow free shipping on regular item takes precedence)

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This is exactly what I am experiencing. I have a general shipping profile that does not offer free shipping, but three is a subset of products that I do want to have free shipping.  The Support Page for Shipping Profiles seemed to cover this function pretty clearly. However, any time a free item is in the cart along with another non-free item the only shipping price offered is free. 

In other words, the shipping rates are not being combined in checkout. 

How can I get the shipping rates to combine as described in the support page?

Edit: Nevermind. I forgot about a free shipping condition I had added. It is combining the shipping rates appropriately.