Combining flat rate and weighted shipping profile items in one cart - won't calculate shipping cost?

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Hi! I have a business that sells both furniture and smaller decor items like baskets.


For the smaller items I have set up weight based shipping profiles, which estimates shipping costs much better for my customers.


For larger items that aren't heavy but are big,  I have set up a price based shipping profile, which is much more accurate to the real cost.


When I add a weight based item like a basket and a price based item like a chair to the cart, it won't calculate any shipping cost, just says shipping not available. I'm assuming it is conflicted about what rate to charge? Is there a solution for this? I dont want to overcharge and lose customers, if they are charged the same rate as a chair for two baskets that are obviously much smaller.




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This is strange. Did you troubleshoot these options?

1. Do both the shipping profiles Ship to the area in which you are placing the order?
2. Do both the shipping profiles and their zones have rates added?

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