Combining multiple shipping profiles into just one shipping label during the fulfillment process

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My shop has had free shipping on all orders until recently. I added coffee and any orders that contain coffee will be charged a $5 flat shipping rate.  So for example, if customers order any elderberry product, its free shipping.  If they order a bag of coffee, its $5.  However, if they order an elderberry product AND a bag of coffee, Shopify is splitting the order and making me print 2 separate shipping labels, one for the elderberry and one for the coffee, when i can easily ship them together in one box.  How can I get all items sold to one customer to be listed together in orders with just one "create shipping label" option? The only work around i can find is tedious and thats creating a shipping label for the coffee, making sure i change the weight to include the elderberry, create the label, go back into my orders, and fulfill the elderberry item, but adding the coffee tracking number and shipping them together. Plus, this is for a subscription so i would have to do this every single time. There's got to be an easier way.  Like most of you have said, if Etsy can do this, Shopify should.  Any ideas on this? (I dont want to make the coffee free shipping because i'd have to change the price of a bag of coffee to $20 and mentally, people just dont go for it, even though with the free shipping it evens out).


I attached a screenshot to show what 1 customer's order looks like with products from two different shipping profiles.Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 12.20.26 PM.pngScreen Shot 2022-03-23 at 12.20.46 PM.png

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Hi @FarmGirl 


I completely understand the amount of manual work that you are putting across to meet your requirements. However, there is another workaround which is quantity based packing, In this method you can pack as many products as you want in one box and print one shipping label for the package. Unfortunately this method is currently not available within Shopify, but you can achieve all these with Multi Carrier Shipping Label App

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I just started having this issue as well. My workaround was to just choose one set of items to create a shipping label for, then adjust the weight and box to allow for all items to be included. Then you can copy and paste the tracking number from that fulfillment into the tracking number fields on the other fulfillments.