Concerns Over Unfair Treatment in Shopify's Payment System

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I'm currently facing a significant challenge with Shopify, which is proving to be extremely frustrating. I recently contacted Raoul from the payments team to inquire about the revocation of my Shopify Payments access. Surprisingly, I was accused of selling "pseudo pharmaceuticals," despite the fact that my store exclusively offers standard food supplements such as apple cider vinegar and multivitamin food supplements. There appears to be a concerning misinterpretation on the part of Shopify's Trust & Safety department in distinguishing between legitimate supplements and pseudo pharmaceuticals, and their lack of response to my attempts for clarification is disconcerting.


This inconsistency seems highly unjust. Numerous Shopify stores with similar product ranges and descriptions continue to operate without interruption to their payment services. This situation raises an important question: Is there selective enforcement of rules, possibly favoring larger sellers while smaller businesses like mine are disadvantaged? If Shopify's policies indeed prohibit supplements, then these should be uniformly enforced, without any bias or exceptions. Failing to do so undermines the principles of ethical business practices. As a smaller vendor, I increasingly feel singled out and marginalized.


I have made several attempts to contact customer support and have sent numerous emails without receiving a resolution. I am posting this message in the hope of gaining some insight into the customer service practices at Shopify. Why is there such a lack of engagement with customer inquiries?

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