Configuring Multiple Suppliers and Locations / Combining Dropshipping with Own Inventory - HELP!

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I am an artist setting up a shop to sell my work and am having trouble wrapping my head around SHIPPING, and how to go about configuring it. I am based in Germany and want to mainly target the EU and USA (where I am from). My shipping situation is complex.

1. I'm selling my original artwork. There wouldn't be a standard rate for this, as the rate would be dependent on buyer's location and size of the piece. Luckily all of my originals are small scale. But for these, they all need a different shipping rate that would need to be calculated based on location and the physical specs of that piece.

2. I am selling a few small items like pins and stickers that I stock myself and would ship myself - these are small enough to be a simple letter rate whether domestic or international. 

3. I am selling art prints and a couple of other products and plan to dropship, using 2 different Print On Demand suppliers. So shipping rates here would come from the suppliers (Printful & Prodigi).

I am a bit lost as to how to configure a streamlined way to handle shipping, as I want to avoid a per-product rate situation on the customer end, or make shipping costs too high for them. Would a tiered flat rate make sense, in which I include a portion of the shipping cost into the product price? But that still leaves how to configure the Originals within Shopify?

Any other ideas welcome!

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Usually the best way, in my opinion, to go about configuring shipping is to just do flat rates.  Shopify has pretty limited shipping options, but you can pad your shipping a bit the account for the variances that you'll encounter.  Unfortunately this involves some leg work to figure out the best scenarios for shipping. My print-on-demand company,, has a simple flat rate method plus a charge per additional item.  It's simple and straightforward.