conflict between accelerated checkouts, local pickup, and shipping

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We are a small neighborhood store ( or The majority of our orders are placed for store pickup so we've been using Shopify's "local pickup" feature. But if we enable accelerated checkout (PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay), then our customers aren't given the opportunity to choose local pickup. They're automatically charged shipping and handling. We then have to have a conversation with each customer about it, and in most cases go back into the order and refund the shipping, and our recordkeeping gets muddled.

I read in other support threads that the workaround was to turn off local pickup and add a shipping rate for "pick up in store." But if we do this, the customer has to click on "shipping" to even see that local pickup is available for free, which confuses a lot of them. We also can't send a customized pickup notification to the customer when their order is ready -- we can only send a shipping notification. This method requires us to spend more time than we have explaining how it all works to our customers, and also muddles our recordkeeping.

Both of these scenarios were already identified as problems for Shopify more than a year ago.

Both of these scenarios are diverting our time and energy away from competing priorities, and both are resulting in lost sales. This isn't sustainable. The holiday shopping season is already in full swing and I'm frustrated and exhausted by how much time I'm spending apologizing for our sales platform. How are other stores handling these limitations?

(A note to developers: if you're tempted to comment here that that your app will solve all my problems, it better solve them all. I'm not paying for 4 different apps to fix a situation that Shopify should have addressed natively by now.)

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I agree. This really is a bad customer experience all around. We have a pretty solid mix of local pick-ups and shipped out orders and we're offering free shipping on orders over $74. Normal checkouts with the local pick-up option is smooth and works really well. Accelerated checkouts and Shop Pay Installments kinda throw a wrench into it. We use the workaround of having a free option of local pick-up in the shipping profiles, but I have to set it to match the $74 free shipping otherwise it just defaults to the Local Pick Up shipping profile and it turns into a mess of orders of things that were supposed to be shipped. One or two orders a week are selecting the wrong shipping option and it's always the Accelerated Checkouts. They typically feel like it's their fault for selecting the wrong option, and that doesn't create the "deligthful" experience the web is supposed to provide.

I wonder if it's a limitation of whatever X Pay platform is being used. I'm def interested in understanding why it's set up the way it is and if they are indeed trying to address it. I find it especially frustrating that Shopify's Native Shop Pay doens't support their Native Local Pick-Up option...

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Yes! I took these off my website because of this and I’ve been waiting and keep checking to see if they fixed the problem. It doesn’t look like they are trying to.

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It is INCREDIBLY  frustrating. 


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So @Shopify just emailed me to say that Shop Pay is going to be activated on my store unless I opt out. No word about whether accelerated pay methods still conflict with local pickup. Does anyone know whether this bug has been fixed?

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I just read in their support page for Local Delivery that accelerated checkouts Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, etc. still cannot be used for Local Delivery, accept Shop Pay can. It’s nice to see it clarified, but I think that’s unfortunate they still cannot make it work with the other accelerated checkout methods. Maybe there really is a technical or privacy reason it doesn’t work but it sounds like shenanigans. I dare say it seems slightly anticompetitive even.