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I am writing to address a critical issue regarding disputes initiated through Klarna's payment platform integrated with our Shopify store. As a merchant utilizing Klarna's services to process payments, I rely on a seamless communication channel to address any disputes or fraudulent activities promptly. Unfortunately, I have encountered significant challenges in this regard.

Our store exclusively utilizes Shopify to facilitate Klarna payments, and as such, there seems to be no direct means of communication with Klarna outside of when a customer initiates a dispute. This limitation has severely impacted my ability to address and resolve disputes efficiently, leading to losses incurred due to fraudulent claims.

Regrettably, I have recently experienced two instances where fraudulent disputes were raised, and despite my efforts to contest them, I was unable to communicate directly with Klarna to provide necessary evidence or seek clarification on the matter. This lack of communication has resulted in unfavorable outcomes for my business and has raised concerns about the effectiveness of the dispute resolution process.

I am reaching out to your team urgently to request assistance in establishing a more direct and accessible line of communication between our Shopify store and Klarna's support team. It is imperative that I can address disputes in a timely manner, provide relevant information, and seek explanations when necessary to prevent further losses and maintain trust in our payment processing system.

I kindly ask for your prompt attention to this matter and appreciate any assistance you can provide in resolving this issue and improving the communication process between our platform and Klarna.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I look forward to your prompt response.

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We have the same problem, and none of shopify or klarna can help us.