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Continue selling when out of stock.

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I think Shopify team might have messed up again.

The sales of my store have constantly dropped in the last months and I did not know why . 


I was using "Continue selling when out of stock." option for managing inventory. Well.... for not managing it. I am dropshipping and even if an item is out of stock by one supplier , I can still find it at other suppliers. 



But sometime along the way the brilliant Shopify team decided to remove that option but did not even bother to update the help website which is still showing the how-to for the option.

2022-04-24 22_12_24-Set up inventory tracking · Shopify Help Center.jpg



Now my Inventory section looks like this : 2022-04-24 22_15_35-Clipboard.jpg



Where the f .... am  I supposed to set the "Continue selling when out of stock." option ?


In the individual products ?  one by one ? 


Are you serious? 


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Hi @Carolay_CO


They need to update the article. Shopify did not take out anything, they even added more options. You can edit number of products at once using the Columns icon.jpgbutton. For more information, check my blog

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is it possible to toggle 14000 variants at a time ?  

is it possible to filter only those variants that do not have the "Continue Selling When Out Of Stock" on ? 


Was is possible before to edit those things ?  Yes, it was.

So how on earth are you calculating that this bug is a feature ?  Ohh yeah ....shopify partner ....



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I just tried editing 1000 out of 14.000 i have . It loads 50 for each page so it takes a while to get to 1000.


Guess what ? I hit save and I get a "server error" notification.  Yeah ...this is how good shopify as product is . JUNK 

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yeah .... no,  thank you . One should be able to do this in Shopify. And you can do this in shopify . Only not in bulk. Or you can but it's a pain. 

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So am I suppose to export csv > edit csv > import csv  in order to get around this ? By adding exactly 999.999.999 qty for all variants ? 

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Shopify used to let us export via CSV the product selling policy. That field still exists in the CSV and doesn't seem to do anything now. So disappointing.

Shopify really does not understand how inventory works. They understand how a website works, and that's it. Source - worked in multiple ERP / IMS / WMS environments and Shopify is making all the wrong moves.