Coupon Codes for SOME users, disabled! Long time bug, its time to fix it, no?

Coupon Codes for SOME users, disabled! Long time bug, its time to fix it, no?

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a simple google search will show several threads on this topic, not a single one with a fix. One did mention your developers knew about an issue with discount codes and should have it fixed within days - that was a year ago.

I am a web developer of 26 years, so please heed my warning - there IS a bug in your code, or potentially just one of your themes, by where seemingly random users ONLY see "enter gift card", and then a "invalid gift card" message when they enter a discount code.  We just had a customer literally send me a video of her getting to checkout page, and yup, that's ALL the field said.. "enter gift card", and she got a gift card error.   Myself and a another just pulled up the same exact product and process our customer went through, All of us on mobile devices, the customer included, but yet we both see "gift card OR discount code" and our discount codes work just fine.

So, as I said, my guess is your responsive version of a theme is broken.  I have asked this same customer to test it on a desktop when she can, but my guess is it'll work fine for her. She is on an Android device, but so am I.   So the only thing I can offer you is that at a certain responsive breakpoint, the field / label shown to users is broken for discount codes, clearly missing appropriate code to accept and process discount codes.

This should NOT be ignored and brushed off as user-error.  I know how difficult it is to test and fix anything your developers cannot reproduce - but to brush it off as a non-bug is a HUGE mistake.  After seeing all the unanswered threads of people begging you guys to address this with little to no response from you all, I am near ready to advise all my clients to no longer use shopify, as this could KILL their business in one simple marketing campaign that includes a discount code.   Its not right to ignore the issue.  I again, have more experience in web development than most developers, and I am willing to work with you to find and fix this bug in your code.   This customer of client's is also willing to test any fixes we think we may find and implement, since she is a perfect test scenario candidate - consistently having the issue and reproduceable. 

That all being said, how can I help, and where shall we start?

if you provide me an email address (to a developer, preferably), I can send you the screenshots of our tests, showing the bug for starters.

this is very time sensitive, as this client of mine is ready to bail on shopify, and as I said, depending on this being fixed or ignored, could cost shopify several other clients and any future clients of mine (btw, one of my clients, your current customer, has done over $500,000 in sales year to date - I refuse to let them risk all that business over a bug that has been ignored for a year already).  Let's get it fixed, ya?

Thank you in advance

Chris Locke


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Hi Chris,

Thank you for reaching out to the community forums with your concerns about the discount code field not showing as expected for all customers. I can definitely appreciate how this can cause issues for your business. 

You asked for the contact information of our technical team so that you can share your evidence of the issue on your storefront. Our technical support team does not have a direct contact but all our live support advisors are able to escalate this on your behalf. You can reach out to our live support, share the details, screenshots and screen recordings you have and they will escalate it to our technical team for review. 

A few things to ensure you are confirming, as this will help our support provide a more concise escalation for you is:

  • Please ensure there are no automatic discounts already applied to the cart. The checkout can only support ONE discount at a time unless you are using an app.
  • If you are using a discount app, make sure that the draft orders it creates on your behalf support additional discount codes. 
  • Ensure your discount code is active in the store admin and that all qualifications for the discount are met.

These are things that our live support will need to ask or check on before they can escalate the issue, so as much information as you have ready and able to share, the easier and faster it will be.

To contact our live support please follow this link: Shopify Help Center - Contact Support, sign into your store account, search for your issue and use the contact support button at the bottom of the search results to see all our live support options. You can also reply back to your most recent billing email for your store for support as well.

If I can assist any more through the forums here, please let me know.



Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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thanks, Shay... I was hoping it could be dealt with here so that others could see the solution to help them as well


but yes, I will contact support, and yes, I've already confirmed there are no automatic discounts being applied


much appreciated - I will post back here if and when the issue is resolved

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Hi Cguweb, did you figure out a solution for this?  We have exactly the same issue with our checkout for some customers.