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Courier shipping prices from US to Australia doubled? (UPS/DHL)

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We ship a lot from the US to Australia. Typically courier cost is about $40 for a light package (<1 lb). That's with either UPS or DHL.

For the past two days, we've seen some customers in Australia get charged over $80 for the same packages (about twice as much). But not all packages are being charged that much, which makes it even stranger.

Also, when we tried to buy the same labels through a 3rd party (Shippo), the price was about $40 as normal. So something seems really broken with Shopify's in-house shipping option for Australia.

Anyone know what's going on?


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 The extra charges are added to the original shipping cost, which might be because of Surcharges.

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Hi @saivismitha. Thanks for replying. I don't think surcharges explain it. That would not typically more than double the price. More importantly, it doesn't explain why Shopify would be charging over 2x the price of Shippo, when a few days ago they were just about the same. Something seems extremely wrong with Shopify's rate calculator for Australia at the moment.