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My customer is getting an error message when trying to checkout. Shopify support could not resolve it (customer's internet connection was possibly faulty) but they have given us permission to process it manually. is there a way to convert it from an abandoned cart into an order manually?

thanks in advance!

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Hi @frankiebuttons

I'm sorry to hear about the checkout issue. If the order has appeared in your store as an abandoned cart, then you can totally recreate the abandoned cart as a draft order, and send it to the customer (it will arrive with a checkout link ready for them to complete their purchase).

Or if you have a manual payment method set up on your store already, you could encourage the customer to try to place the order that way on the store.

Or you could take the customer's payment via bank transfer or credit card over the phone, and then create the order as a draft order and mark it as paid.

I hope this helps!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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When could we look to have a button to auto populate a abandoned cart as a draft order. Very time consuming to manually add everything to a draft order when client has payment issues

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Hi @ChrisMudditt

That's a great idea and I shall be sure to pass your feedback on. I cannot guarantee that your suggestions will be implemented, but we greatly appreciate your feedback.

In the meantime, why do you find that you are having to create many draft orders from abandoned carts? If it's because visitors are leaving the checkout before reaching the "Thank You" page, you could mitigate against this by leaving a little note on your store to let customers know they shouldn't leave until they see that page.

You could insert it somewhere in the language of the checkout using the language editor or you could simply write it into the product descriptions.

If the client is having payment issues, do you know what those are and if they happen often? I'd like to know what might be affecting payment on your store to see if we cannot resolve it at the source!

I'd also like to draw your attention to the fact that it is possible to duplicate existing or draft orders. 

While this doesn't apply to orders listed as abandoned checkouts, it does mean that if you have repeat customers or if you need to make changes to an existing order, you can do so with ease.   

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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This would be very beneficial to help problem-solve customers' orders. For example, if they can't get a coupon to work, we could access their abandoned cart, duplicate it and test the same scenarios.  As of today, you have to manually do that, which is time-consuming.