Creating a payments app that uses a 3rd party payment gateway.

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I want to create a payments app since all the default modes of payments is not available in my country. I already have a 3rd party payment gateway which i want to integrate. I have read all the documentation. I have created shopify partners account and created a test app and test store. The issue is when I go to extensions > payments tab, I don't see any extensions. It says 'No extensions available.' I came to understand that I have to be a approved partner to be able to create a shopify payments app. In the documentation its written:


Currently our Payments Platform is by invitation only, while we continue to build out our Payments Apps API and work through migrating existing Partners to the latest platform. When applications fully reopen, there will be a Payment Partner Application form available to fill out.

I really want to create a payments app for my store. My question is how do I get invited? Or is there any other way I will be able to select proper extension in the extensions tab?

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