Credit account possible?

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Good Morning/Afternoon depending where you are :).


Completely new to this and would like to know if it is possible. Honestly we started a business 12 months ago with no online store but feel with the number of customers we have we could quite easily generated another £5000 turnover a month just by a website although we don't have the capital investment to purchase a website in our industry that is purpose built (stationary/business supplies).

We currently offer all of our customers 30 days credit. Is there a way we can replicate that on our webstore? Ideally we would like for everyone to be able to purchase from our store and can choose whether to check out as a guest or to make an account. We would then like to be able to basically manually change some accounts to have an extra payment option which is 30 Days Credit. in which the customer will receive the goods and we Invoice them as we normally do.

Would love to hear from someone to see if this is at all possible and if so how as I can't seem to master it?


Thanks in advance,



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Hi Jamie

i too have the same problem.  About 30 of our biggest clients have credit accounts.  Did you find a solution yet👍?



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Yes, I think it will be possible. You can simply enter into contracts with customers, who will purchase in installments, and already individually talk about the terms and payments. You can write on the site under the price of the product that it can be purchased in installments and immediately specify the monthly payment. You can also negotiate through your bank. Thus, the customer can open a special card in the bank and take a mini loan, not from you, but from the bank. The entire amount will be credited to your account, and the client pays the debt to the bank. With the service I once arranged for this to happen. Maybe they will help you, if you choose the latter option.

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Hi Jamie - did you resolve your issues - I have the same?