Credit Card fees during a charge back or cancelled order

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Hi All, I thank you in advance for any help in this matter.

 we had two High-Risk orders that we did not fulfill.

one order ended up as a chargeback and one was canceled by us.


when Shopify refunded the customers they kept the credit card fees.

so they charged us for it (which came by to be $600+)

I thought that is an order get canceled/charged back or refunded, we return our portion and Shopify returns the credit card fees part because the sale was canceled. 


we tried endlessly calling and trying to explain but no one wants to listen or talk to us on the phone, its always a call center, and in the last email they sent us they claim that the credit card processing fee is non-refundable.


I know this is not true because we did refund a customer in the past and they did reverse the Credit card charges.


Can anyone help in shedding light on this?


Thank you 



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I've noticed the same thing. The last refund I received the CC fee credit for was in January. 



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Can we get someone from Shopify to respond to this please
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I did receive a private message from Shopify but it did not address anything.  Love to see a change on this issue.  I can't imagine my store keeping cc fees from customers when they return an item to me........Love to be treated like I treat my customers.....


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I faced the same problem recently and this is absolutely disappointing. Perhaps we shall open a petition against Shopify's new rules about non-refunded fees for cancelled orders. Would you sign this kind of petition if we'll have it?