Cross border Fulfillment recommendations in Hong Kong

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Hello, My store is based in Hong Kong and I am selling overseas, mainly to Taiwan or Canada. I have around ~1200 orders per month and i'm running out of storage space, i am starting to consider fulfilment services and need some advice! It would be great if customers can have more courier options when they checkout. Any advice would be highly appreciated!
Thank you!!

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Hey Francoise! I had the same situation like you : I needed more storage space and am selling to Taipei. I'd recommend using Boxful Fulfillment, they are based in Hong Kong but they do have warehouse and fulfilment services in Taiwan!! But I'm not selling to Canada so can't help with that part 😞 


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Avoid BOXC in Hong Kong (their App is also not approved by Shopify)

We had a terrible experience with these people. They essentially did a bait and switch with us on their fees and shipping costs to the US. Orders were taking up to 3 weeks in testing. They systems did not correctly pass tracking numbers to shopify. Then when we were forced to move to a new fulfillment center they added more fees beyond their price tariff. 

Zero stars. Avoid BoxC