Custom Fiels at checkout and HTTP POST

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I would like to know how to add custom fields to the checkout page and add a click event once the checkout is successful with the data within the custom fields.

I was able to add custom fields to the inline cart items and configure the checkout webhook, but I noticed that those custom fields data does not get sent with the Shopify webhook.

What I need: 
Ability to add custom fields at checkout
Ability to send those custom data fields to an API/endpoint.

I can only add custom fields to the inline item page. 
Those fields are not passed over to the Shopify checkout webhook.

Any thoughts? Thanks! 😊

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I also too need to add some custom fields to the checkout, ideally, different depending on the SKU somehow. Could you tell be how you managed this part?

Also, I too would like these fields passed back via the order/create webhook. Did you get anywhere here too?


Thanks, in advance.