Custom Shipping Rate names not displaying

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We've recently added custom shipping profile for overweight/oversized products (currently 5 products) to a number of zones, with a number of rates for each zone.


Whilst the system appears to be working in the sense that the correct rate is activated/shown/selected by the customer, the custom rate NAME is not displayed, only the word "shipping".


This is caused great issues, especially as one of the rates is "Oversized Premium Charge" which is an extra charge, on top of 'Free Shipping'. Without the rate name, this looks like Free Shipping was not activated and the premium charge is just a 'shipping' fee.


The custom rate names in the general shipping profile have always, and continue to show correctly.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks,

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Hello @AlexanderLuke ,


When you add products from multiple shipping profiles to the cart, the shipping rates are combined, and the individual shipping rate names will not be displayed.

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