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Hello Everyone,

 I was wondering if anyone has found an app which offers a custom store currency. What I mean by this is if I was selling 1 Apple for say 2 tokens, I would want my customer to buy the Tokens and then use the tokens to purchase the apple. It's just a different form of checking out instead of them paying for the apple they would be paying for the store credit!

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Hey, M0nztr!

Katy here from Shopify. Thanks for posting. 

There are a couple of apps in our app store that allow for this store credit function. You can even rename these 'tokens' to your own preference too.
Some which may suit include:

Though designed to accompany your store, where tickets are earned with each purchase, you may be able to initiate the type of functionality you would like, by selling tickets as a product to start out. 

I hope these options help you out.

Katy | Shopify |

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