Custom Weight-Based Formula for Calculating Shipping Cost?

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I am using a carrier of my own, attempting to ship internationally, and the rates are calculated by weight

for example, the shipping rate to the United States is: the first 1kg is $10, and everything exceeding 1kg will be $2 per 50g


As such, if I have an order that is 2.7kg, or 2700g, the calculation will be as follows:

$10 + $2 * [(2700-1000)/50] = $78

And at the check out menu, the customer should be able to $78 as the shipping cost.


Is there any way for me to set this up either with built-in Shopify functions or third-party apps?


Thanks in advance.

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Hello @user20202  I will recommend Shipstation management software platform. I use it and it is just awesome! It does everything for you! The registration is free and a 30 day trial option. Check it out :

I hope this helps you! Good luck!