Customer charged twice for a single order

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Hi Shopify,


I have found an older thread where it seems like you have given up on finding a solution but I had a customer contact me about being charged twice.  One on the day of ordering as a hold and then when I authorised the payment on the Friday.  The customer then could not use their credit card at a shop on Friday afternoon because it had declined!

Very angry customer and bad rep for my store.  As I mentioned before, I have found a thread from 2020 so I know you are aware of the situation on this matter.  Can we please get a resolution on this so that I don't end up with more ruined weekends?


Im in New Zealand and my shop is Industrial Fibreglass Solutions


Thanks to Josh and all the others that have questioned why this is happening.



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Hi, @IFSLshop.


Thanks for reaching out in our Community Forums about this.


Typically, a customer may have seen what appears to be double or duplicate charges in their account — once as a charge, and once as an authorization. Mobile banking apps, in particular, tend to have difficulty in displaying authorizations accurately as they may remain on a mobile statement longer. Because of this, we always recommend that customers check their banking statement on a desktop. To further validate that their order wasn't in fact a double charge, we also highly recommend that customers contact their bank to confirm that the first charge was only a pending authorization, meaning that the funds were reserved for a later capture, but never taken out of their account.


If after checking with their bank the customer has confirmed that they have in fact been charged twice, we can assist in locating the specific order on your store to investigate this matter further. Because this process involves accessing your account however, we won't be able to assist with this via the Community Forums due to security and privacy reasons. So your next step from here is to contact our live support team, so that we can authenticate you for the correct store from our end.


To get in touch with our live support team, please go to our Help Center here, and type contact support in the chat box. Follow the prompts given by the chat assistant from there, and you'll then be given the option to speak with a live support team member, who will be able to assist you further with this situation.

Kimi | Social Care @ Shopify 
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