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Customer Credit Cards Getting Declined

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Shopify Payments issue - Anyone else having this problem and know how to get it fixed? I have had two customers get their credit cards declined when trying to check out. For some reason, the banks are automatically declining payments through my store, flagging them as fraud and asking the credit card owner if they recognize the payment. I even went through my check out with two different cards of mine that I know have sufficient funds and I use all the time, and they were both declined and I immediately received a fraud notice by chase stating that 2 transactions were decline, which I thought was weird because I only submitted my payment once and it never went through. It appears that the banks don't like authorizing Shopify store payments. This is very concerning to me and has already lost me 2 large sales! Is there a solution to this? Should I only accept PayPal payments??

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Hi Christopher - this is a common problem, particularly with some of the larger and more abusive card issuers in the USA. They will flag and decline a merchant based on their own subjective criteria, such as your business category, your merchant account provider, or your business location. In some cases they will even instigate chargebacks after the fact, after a transaction has been approved, contacting your customer and trying to fear monger the customer into cancelling the transaction and instigating a false fraud claim. This is very unfair and frustrating, but there is nothing Shopify or any other platform can do to prevent this. This would also not be a Shopify issue - it would be due to other factors these abusive card issuers have unfairly flagged about your business. I will send an email to your website with my contact information in case you want me to explain this problem in more detail.

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I have also the same issue even worse. I have more than 50 abundant cart and most due to credit card payment decline. 

I am selling in US and store location is new zealand.

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Hi, did your problem resolved? I'm facing the same issue and I'm not sure how to contact Shopify support team! Please help!

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I am getting same issue