Customer do not be able to see shipping methods

Customer do not be able to see shipping methods

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Even if I only sell to a single market, the customer is asked to enter address information in order for the shipping methods to appear. I don't understand what the point of this is? And this is something that should not happen because there is no such problem in my other stores.

Even though I tried to reach the Shopify support line many times, they cannot help me in any way and instead of being constructive, they continue to ask questions with arguments about why it should not happen. And I'm so fed up with this situation. How can the Shopify Support team not solve such an easy problem?

At first everyone says this is normal, but then I show them my old store and convince them that it is not normal. Has anyone encountered such a problem and been able to solve it? Because I have no hope from the Shopify Support team, they are very weak and uninformed.

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