Customer has not received a refund sent 10 days ago

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We sent a customer a refund 10 days ago and they are claiming that they still have not received it. They received the refund confirmation email and I have asked them to re-check that credit card and reminded them of who the company name the refund should be posted under, but they still say nothing has been received. I do have the 'approved' refund confirmation in my orders timeline. What should I do as next steps?

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, there!

My name is Ren from the Shopify support team, here to help you out. 

It's important to keep in mind that there are processing times to account for both on Shopify's end, and your customers bank. These processing times will also vary depending on the calendar dates. 

You can access your order timeline by following these steps to check the timeframe of your refund. The timeline will appear similar to this: 14-55-5pfqc-aljcp


There should be a timestamp which you can cross reference with the standard 5-7 business days (weekends and holidays not included) that it may take to post to your customers card. You can take further measures by providing the refund authorization key found in the order timeline and go so far as to offer a screenshot of the refund to your customer.


I understand it's frustrating to not have immediate answers for your customers but with the above you should be able to help ease their mind while the transaction completes it's process. Let me know if I can clarify any of that for you! 



To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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 First...set the expectation in your refund policy.   While you may process within 24 hours (or whatever your policy is) not that it can take their bank 10 business days for them to see the credit.   

While the customer can be a super pain in the A&&, tell them firmly that you processed on your end and that they must go back to their credit card company.  They can bitch and moan, light up social media, etc. the balls in their banks court.   Be firm about this and not willy nilly.  I had someone pay via Paypal credit card (or they funded their paypal account via credit card) and it took them 4 weeks to see their refund.   I've also demanded that one sob customer call their credit card company with me on the line to have them tell her the same thing I'd told her for 5 days.   Set policies, be courteous and FIRM.  When that doesn't work, lose your sh_it, feels great! 😜 

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Refunds do not take 8 days or more when transmitted. Tje funds ate held. In my case for an item ordered not even in stock yet spotify charges the full 1738 then I'm expected to be out of my money while they h8kd it. My federal credit union has recieved noth8ng and will take action tomorrow if not there, they always process them immediately 

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information from gateway: I don't know what information am I looking for? I had a customer go off on me today because I refunded her within 30 minutes of her request but when I told her refunds may take up to 10 business days she demanded i give her her money today and that i was horrible customer service. She said she paid with a cash app I've never heard of and that she wanted her money back TODAY! 


With that said, she eventually stopped emailing me and I am hoping she actually did manage to get her money back today and just feels stupid for yelling at me but I wish I could find out on the back end if she in fact got her money.


thank you

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I’m a customer waiting for a refund off a coMpany who has used Shopify to make the refund. This was processed on 9 May. I have still not received anything and the company has sent me exactly the same as the pic shown above. How and what am I supposed to do with that? How long should I wait? 

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I will tell you right now as a customer of a company who uses shopify , that shopify is horrible.

I ordered a dj equip for 1738 dollars , instantly charged. Same day the store tells me it's no longer made by numerous, and they will refund me right away.


It's been 8 days since the refund was initiated by spotify. Nothing was recieved by my federal credit union who will back charge it if not recieved by tomorrow. This is not the first complaint my banks had regarding shopify as the ecommerce system 

No item in stock, shopify promptly processed a pending charge. Shopify has so far taken my money, a large sum, held it. Ps our back processing is no more 4heb 48 hours on itf refunds, spotify simply lied. It better be ther tomorrow or its reversed and they become accountable. I will never use any business that uses shopify ever again. They need to get their act together, and stop bull.