Customer Notification Mail: Include Button that add Tag to order

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Hey there, 


I'm operating a store that offers customized artwork, which needs customer approval before the order can be fulfilled. 


For this reason, after creating the artwork, I send my customers an email that request design approval. So far this was a manual process in which I checked my mails for feedback.


Now, I want to automate this process a bit. My idea was, that it would be super helpful if I can include an "Approve design" Button. When a customer clicks on the button, a tag will be added to the order in shopify.


Is this something that can be done?


Thanks alot, Dennis!

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Yes this can be done but you'd need an app to do it.


Here's I would approach that technologically:


1) You send the email to the customer and add a link (or button using CSS styling) to your app server.

2) The customer clicks the button and is taken to a page on your app server.

3) On that page, you'll have some logic that validates the user came from your email (you can set up an encoding system or something as simple as the order ID and customer last name)

4) If the ID checks out, then display a message on the page that says something like "Your design has been approved...". And then the app's backend kicks in by sending an API request to your Shopify store to update the order with the tag (and optionally send a notification to your staff).


To do this you'll need to:
- create a custom Shopify app so you can get API keys and make the request from app to Shopify to update the order

- host the app on a server


My team builds custom apps all the time, if you want something like this built feel free to reach out to


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