Customer placed & paid for an order that didn't appear on Shopify

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I don't know if I've put this in the correct place, but the weirdest thing has happened. I have a missing order.

A customer placed an order on the 7th of June, but the order didn't come through to my shop.

They paid through Clearpay (Afterpay) and they have confirmation emails from them, but I don't have an order on Shopify from the 7th of June for that customer or for the amount they paid.

The order numbers I have for 7th of June and the days either side, all follow on from each other, if something had been cancelled/refunded there would be a gap in the numbers. I've also looked at abandoned checkouts for that day and there isn't one belonging to my customer. 

So, I have no idea what the customer purchased.

I've checked Clearpay and I can see the order is there, amongst my Clearpay orders for that day, so I can potentially refund it from that side.

I really want to know how this has happened and if it has happened to anyone else? 

Understandably, my customer is very concerned as they have paid for something and not received it. And I'm concerned about this happening again, as it does not look good at all.




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