Customising the customer invoice/ order form to contain a QR code

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I am trying to find an app or developer who is able to help me.  
My store is called LOVELOX - a jewellery company running an ecom store selling lockets

Users are able to customise their locket by uploading two photos and engrave a message on the back.

The customer message can be up to 30 characters which is fiddly and time consuming for us to retype on the engraving machine every time.
As such we would like to integrate a QR code on the customer order form, so when we download & print the order we can scan the QR code for our system to read the message and automatically populate the information in the on-screen template.

The QR code needs to contain the following info:
1. The engraving text (up to 30 characters on some items)
2. The font
3. The product code 
Does anyone know how this might be possible?
Many thanks
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Hello @JamesBish 


Yes, this is possible with our app Releasit QR Code Generator. The app allows you to generate custom QR Codes for almost anything in your store. One of the features of the app is called Automatic QR Codes and it allows you to automatically print dynamic QR Codes on your orders packing slips and invoices, this feature can help you achieve exactly what you need.


The way it would work is:

1. We help you configure an Automatic QR Code that contains the information you requested

2. This QR Code will be automatically printed in your order packing slip or the document you use internally for these custom engravings

3. Your team can scan the QR Code to get the engraving information quickly on their workstation


You can install the app for free from the Shopify App Store here:


Once you install the app please contact me from there (we offer 24/7 support via email, WhatsApp or Telegram) so that I can help you configure the QR Code so that it works as you requested!


Hope this helps!


Marco from Releasit