Default box dimensions and other frustrating shipping problems.

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I have sold on numerous third party sites all of them allow / require height , width , length and weight to accurately determine a shipping cost for the customer to checkout.
Having to "guess" the cost of shipping based only on weight is PREHISTORIC in todays online marketing environment !
It guarantees you will lose money on shipping or gouge / lose your interested customer . 
Even an option to enter a flat rate shipping cost per item would be an improvement I have shipped 1000's of items and can guess so damn close to the actual cost it would scare ya LOL 
Yet here were are with shopify guessing what it will cost me to send a wood stove to Alaska 

If this is done by design to force sellers to offer free shipping just make that a site rule and lock out shipping details . 

I am in the building phase of my site and am already making sales but the shipping is instantly a problem. Any suggestions on alternatives obviously shopify markets a product that does not require shipping and has no interest or understanding of this issue . It makes no sense to continue building something that will only get worse the bigger it gets . 

Thoughts ? 

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Yes this, I’m here for the same reason! Shopify this is lazy and poor small business support. I need real and accurate shipping without paying $20 per month. Referring your clients to a 3rd party workaround is is so condescending and lazy. 

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Everyone, I logged in just to comment on this.   Thank you Pages 1, 5, and 4 in that order.

Yes, 5 years and no solution other than 3rd party apps that most likely only waste your time. 

I now regret using shopify and have not even started shipping yet.  Guess this will be my only and last yearly subscription.  Congrats Shopify for scamming out of my money, with a product that I have only used because it is now a known brand. The word I will use to describe it is now "Don't bother, they no longer update." when I even here a whisper of it in conversation.

Shopify, how bout you use that 3rd party money to PURCHASE the rights to the app and integrate it for paying customers.


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I just want to say that is it crazy to me that such a basic e-commerce feature is missing from this platform.