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We have a store pick up option (free) and a delivery option (paid) 
Store pick up is the default choice (I assume because it's the cheaper of the options)
Does anyone know if there is a way to change the default shipping option to the more expensive option. 
Several of our customers are not noticing as they check out that store pick up is selected and they assume they are getting their products delivered which is troublesome when they have not paid for shipping. 

I started to install another app (Store Pick up) but I'm worried it will override out current shipping app (shippit) 

Any help would be amazing!!

Thank you!

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I agree - it is messing us up as well.  We've just removed 'Pickup' option and will be refunding ship charges for customers who pick up - not a good solution at all!!!! 


Can Shopify at the very least NOT have a default, so the customer has to pick the ship rate.  That way, they would be forced to at least READ the option and not chose Pickup when they can't pickup.

Can Shopify please answer!

Thanks, Ruth

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Hi Guys, 

While you wait for Shopify to reply - our app might be able to solve some issues the checkout flow is causing. Store Pickup + Delivery works on the cart page offering Store Pickup, Local Delivery and/or Shipping.  If you have the Shopify Carrier Service API enabled on the store then our app can also control the rates for the store, so we would only show a shipping rate when shipping is selected and a pickup rate when pickup is selected. 

The app offers a host of other features from time slots to black out dates, and we offer a free onboarding session to new merchants.  If you would like any more information about your specific requirements you can email or go to and start a live chat. 

Take care, 




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Thank-you for answering. We will take a look at your app but at this
point we don't expect much pick-up-at-store traffic and for now, we've
decided to refund the shipping charges if they pick at the shop.

But this is something to keep in mind - although it SHOULD be part of

Thanks, Ruth