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We have a store pick up option (free) and a delivery option (paid) 
Store pick up is the default choice (I assume because it's the cheaper of the options)
Does anyone know if there is a way to change the default shipping option to the more expensive option. 
Several of our customers are not noticing as they check out that store pick up is selected and they assume they are getting their products delivered which is troublesome when they have not paid for shipping. 

I started to install another app (Store Pick up) but I'm worried it will override out current shipping app (shippit) 

Any help would be amazing!!

Thank you!

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I'd like to know too.  We have two options for shipping....paid - a flat rate, or free for pickup.....I neet to know how we set it to the paid option by default or I can forsee issues with people thinking they are automatically getting free shipping.  


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Hi there!

Don here from Shopify!

I just wanted to jump in here to confirm some of what you had said with regard to shipping options. 🙂

These are in fact presented at the checkout in the order they are present in your Shopify admin.

There's no way to manually rearrange these currently, though we can file a feature request on your behalf to let our developer team know that this is something our merchants are looking for.

Thanks for letting us know that this is something you need to use in your store, we'll work on getting it added to a future build of the platform. 🙂

All the best!


Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Dan, 

Thanks for the reply  - but is there any chance of this happening any time soon?
As a developer myself this really seems like basic functionality to add - but I see that people have been asking for this feature since 2013 on this thread -

Really hoping something can be sorted sooner rather than later.



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I need this option we well! I've wasted time reading extrmely long responses from many years ago with no real resolution.

Shopify, please implement this feature soon!


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I really need this feature as well, my client is getting quite a few orders coming through with no shipping. People just either skip through quickly see FREE and click the continue button.

It is not a good look when the client then has to call them and ask for more money. Unhappy customers mean an unhappy client for me.

Please allow us to set a default shipping option.

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I'd really like to see this, too. As it is right now, I think I'm going to have to eliminate our in-store pickup. It's the default option and customers keep selecting it (or, more likely, are not selecting anything). We can't keep calling customers and asking for more money.

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Hey Don, 

It's Dom again. 
We love Shopify but this store pick up thing is so freaking frustrating! 
It's now 5 months later and this is still a big problem for us and I clearly for other users too.
We are losing money and customers because of something that surely should be an easy change from Shopify. - Don't know, not a developer but it seems like something that shouldnt be that difficult...
Is there any way you can push this feature request up the line at all?? 

Look forweard to hearing from you.

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Don from Shopify, perhaps you can update us on where this "feature request" is currently at and when we can expect this issue to be resolved?

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Futhermore, if you select a shipping option and then refresh the page the default repopulates.  

edit: also and completly unaceptable, if you choose a shipping option and then enter a discount code once you click "apply" the default repopulates.

Best Option: give admin setup option to control order and default for all shipping options.

Alternative: remove defualt selction of the first displayled option and force the customer to choose something.

Alternative: allow two discount codes at the same time. (currently the second code replaces the first) We could asign a noship or pickup code with the free shipping parameter.  

Sounds like this a popular topic and more than just a few admins would like to see this changed.  

Please update.


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I also do not want my free local pickup option to be the default setting. If you would let us know if this is on the horizon, that would be amazing. Thanks!


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What do we need to do to follow through on this 10 year long feature request? I don't understand how something that's been asked for, for over 10years, across multiple threads hasn't been sorted out.

Does anyone know of an app that solves this? I'd happily pay for a solution to this obvious problem.

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I live chatted with Sarah in support, linked to this dicussion and asked for involvement from support. Get a dialogue going with a timeline for resolution.


Sarah F:  

I would be happy to submit this to our merchant frustrations team as there is not currently a way to manually rearrange shipping charges, it is based on price

Matt Lundgren:  

price is logical but the problems that causes when a merchant offers local pick-up as a zero cost shipping option are great

Sarah F:  

Definitely understood! Happy to pass this along to our merchant frustrations team as we keep these things in mind as we continue improving the platform

Sarah F:  

Anything else we can help with today?

Matt Lundgren:  

please forward to merchant frustrations and get someone to update the forums as to how/when this will be resolved. -thank you

Sarah F:  

Have a great day Matt!

Matt Lundgren:  

you too

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Sarah, any word on this feature. I could use this feature too. ASAP.

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Can we *please* get an update on this feature request that has been constantly requested since 2013 by many customers of your platform. As others have stated, it doesn't seem like rocket science to simply change the display order of the postage options. Certainly not something that should take more than 5 years to implement. 

This causes us huge issues as we have to constantly call customers asking for postage costs because the free option always comes up first and people just click through thinking they are getting free freight.

I hope somebody from Shopify monitors this forum and doesn't ignore this request for an update.

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We are also encountering this problem reguarly. 


Please address this ASAP

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Hi all,

Having the same issue. Here's the most elegant workaround (given the circumstances) I've come up with that avoids accidental free shipping:

- Make a coupon code set to free shipping, e.g. LOCALPICKUP.
- Add a shipping method notice — e.g. "For local pickup, use coupon code LOCALPICKUP" — under the "Shipping Method" header in checkout. Do this Theme > Language > Checkout & System > Shipping Method Notice.

The only detrement here being that they still technically select a shipping method, but it's "free". However, because the customer has to explicitly perform an action, it won't be accidental and they can't then insist it still be shipped because it's been declared that entering that code is intended to be a pickup option.

That said, I find it absolutely appalling that there has not been a solution to this feature request for 10 years. There are requests for it going back as far as 2008. "Don from Shopify" seems to have just given up on us all. The only options are a $20/month plugin or a $1000USD/month premium account.

Hope this helps someone.



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We really need this simple update to happen, it's causing lots of us loads of grief!

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I just submitted another feature request for this today. Support actually made a decent suggestion that I had not seen in all my searching.


Suggestion: Create multiple Shipping Zones. One zone for all states except your local pickup state and another zone for all other states. On the one for your local state offer Free Pickup.


I recognize this will still leave you open to customers within state, but out of pickup range, selecting the wrong option but it removes the majority of them.

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Is there a way we can vote on feature changes within Shopify? 

I can't seem to find a section on the website where I can see this one to upvote it...