Defaulting billing address to shipping address issue

Defaulting billing address to shipping address issue

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During the holidays we ship wreaths and they usually are shipped as gifts, so the shipping address and the billing address are often different. We have it unchecked in our admin that shipping and billing are the same by default. Every order we have received this year shows a customer name that is different than the shipping name but the billing address is marked “same as shipping” and it appears that it is defaulting to this, even when people are filling in different shipping and billing addresses. This is our second year shipping wreaths through shopify. We use Paypal to collect payments. Last year this was not an issue and we are not sure what has changed and if it is an issue with Paypal or Shopify.  When we print our packing slip it is disconcerting because the “bill to” and “ship to” have the same address and name, so our customers do not know who sent them the wreath and it looks like they are getting billed. 


Thank you for your help! 

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We are also seeing a similar issue - definitely frustrating! The billing address is defaulting to the shipping address and we are having concerned customers reach out about their billing address being incorrect (which we cannot change on the order itself in Shopify), and this can mean our fulfillment system doesn't catch that something needs to be marked as a "gift" unless specified. We see this a lot when customers use PayPal to checkout, but are seeing more issues with our other payment options as well. Hoping Shopify is looking into this and can provide a solution. 

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We have the exact same problem. Since I was new to Shopify, I didn’t notice whether it has always been like this. But we also get emails daily from panicking customers worried that the invoice would be sent to the recipient. 
i have rationalised to Victor from the Shopify team that it is more than just the address. Since our customers are then forced to enter the recipient’s name, the recipient effectively becomes ‘our customer’. We then don’t get any information about our customers. Marketing emails would be very awkward because we are not addressing our customers.

A request has been submitted. Really hope they implement a change to resolve this issue. 

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Having the same issue. We send out samples to customers and our sales team all use an account with their name and our companies mailing address as the billing address. When they create a sample order and fill in the shipping address for the sample the order comes through with the shipping address as the billing address. On the next sample order their billing address is now the shipping address from the last order.. One of many bugs in the way Shopify performs that most other E-Commerce platforms don't. I would switch back if Shopify wasn't cheaper and saving us shipping costs.

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Yes I am finding exactly this issue, probably started a couple of months ago.  Very confused and distressed customers are emailing me to say that they are getting confirmation emails in the name of the shipping recipient, and Shopify is automatically updating the billing address to the shipping address.  I don't understand how the payments get approved if the billing address is incorrect? Also causes horrible problems with email list. It definitely needs to be sorted asap. 

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Same issue happening here! Most of our orders are gifts, and we're noticing this mostly when PayPal is the payment method. Considering removing PayPal from the checkout options.

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+1. I've witnessed this issue with PayPal. The customer specified a different billing address in each case, but that info is discarded and replaced by the gift recipient's details. I hope Shopify fixes it.