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Delivery charges not showing

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I have input all my delivery charges in the settings, but they don't show up when purchasing a product in the checkout?? It has worked a couple of times randomly, but isn't showing every time, does anyone know the reason for this??

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Finally resolved an issue I was having with shopify sometimes bypassing the delivery fee! We have the option for free store pickup or $40 local delivery. Sometimes an order will come through saying delivery, and showing a selected delivery date, however there will be no delivery fee charged to the customer. We have never offered any free delivery promotions. 


After searching through all delivery and pickup settings, and trying to put through an order in which I was able to bypass the delivery fee, I was finally able to figure out the issue. Two orders happen to come through for the same product and they both had gotten free delivery. I realized at this point, the issue is NOT with the delivery/shipping settings in shopify, but with the actual product settings. 


Here is how I fixed the issue:

1. Check which products are on the order that is not charging the customer shipping

2. Go to products, search for those products and open them

3. Once in the product settings, look for a line that says "this is a physical product" make sure this box is checked! If this box is not checked, shopify thinks this is a virtual/digital product that does not require shipping, and it will not charge for it.


If you have variants on a product, you will need to scroll down to the list of variants, and click on edit, next to one of your SKU's. The next page will show this box.


I really hope this helps other shopify users out there! This issue was driving me crazy for almost two years, before I figured it out.


- Jessie