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Hi, is it possible to have all deliveries shipped directly to us so that we can add personal touches (wrap, put a thank you card in etc) and then we ship to the customer?

If so, does anyone know how this can be set up?

Thank you

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Hey, @Madeira!

This is definitely possible! You can have your products shipped to you first, then you can personalise the packaging to make it special for your customers. There are some easy to follow steps here to get you started with some ideas, but try to keep your brand personality at the forefront of your mind when making decisions. Are you a brand with fun, bright, and colourful boxes, or are you more sleek and elegant with darker colours? With some things, you really can’t go wrong - use packaging that is easy to recycle, easy to open, add a thank you note and make sure the box size is proportional to the product and customers will have a good experience every time. 

After you're done, you can ship it on to the customer's address! It's important to note that Shopify would not source or ship products for you, this is something that needs to be done by you, the merchant. For merchants based in the US or Canada, the Shopify Fulfillment Network is an option - but this will still entail shipping your inventory to a warehouse so our team can pick and pack it for you. 

Can I ask if you've found a product supplier yet? Just to see if there is anything I can help you with in finding a product niche.


Speak soon!

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