Delivery Location Input Using Google Maps

Delivery Location Input Using Google Maps

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Hello everyone, 


Please help me, how can I allow customers to select their delivery location on a Google map, so that it is saved as a latitude and longitude coordinate, instead of having them type in their location at checkout.


In my country, the street addresses aren't properly developed. Using latitude and longitude coordinates to input delivery locations makes more sense. 


Your advice will be highly appreciated

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Hi @Sakhile , I understand your problem, in my country same thing happens. You can achieve this functionality by using an app like Wayfinder. The app allows you to obtain customer delivery coordinates by:
1. Embedding a Google Maps in your website. You can place it wherever you want using the Theme Editor. I recommend placing it in the Cart Page since it is the step prior to checkout.
2.  You can enable functionality to disable go to Checkout buttons if you want location selection to be required. 
3. You update your changes.
Once a customer pin drops their location and makes a purchase, the Latitude and Longitude Coordinates will be saved on the order details for that purchase. 
Hope this helped you!