Delivery Only - Why Require the Carrier Service API?

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Hi there!


I'm testing out the Store Delivery & Pick Up app by Zapiet and can't get too far in setting up specific zones, pricing, basically testing out the app.  One message under the Rates section of the app is:


"Rates features not available on your store

To access our rates functionality you must add the Carrier Service API to your Shopify plan"


But I'm not shipping only doing delivery and can't understand why shipping still shows in my Shopify Shipping section? 


A frustrated newbie here as not seeing this process as intuitive...

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Shopify Partner
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Hi there,

I am really sorry for the delay in responding - we have only just seen a number of mentions on the form, going forwards we will get a notification for forum posts and respond much quicker. 

The Carrier Service API is how Shopify allows us access to the checkout to provide a rate for your store, Shopify treats all orders as shipping, it is our app that splits them in to Pickup and Delivery, so the wording can be confusing when you do not offer shipping. 

I am hoping you were able to receive support regarding this issue at the time and kept using the app.  I can see you posted during a period where Zapiet was inundated with support request as store prepared for a lockdown.  If you did not continue to use the app and would like to give it another try you will find the support team is very responsive now, and we would love to welcome you back. 

If you need any more assistance or information you can email us at, you can also start a live chat via the Support tab in the Store Pickup + Delivery app or by visiting

Take care,