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Deposit sales from different store locations into different bank accounts

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I have three different store locations, two retail stores and an online shop that all have different bank accounts. Is there a way to deposit the sales from each of these locations into their specific bank account? Right now we can only deposit all of them into one account which is a total pain in our butt as we have to keep tranferring and it's messing up our books.

Please help!

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Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi, @theskinnydip

Luna here from Shopify. 

Thank you for posting your question here on our Community forums and sharing your experience. I’m happy to help. 

To clarify, are you using Shopify Payments? If so, merchants can currently only have one bank account connected to their Shopify Payments account at a time. In order to connect multiple accounts simultaneously, you will need to open separate Shopify stores for each location, each with their own Shopify Payments accounts.

However, if you’re using Paypal, you can attach more than one bank account as outlined here. Each bank account that you link will appear in your ‘Wallet.’ Then when your customer uses the Paypal processor at checkout, your funds will go directly into your Paypal account. Once you receive them, you can log in and route them into your preferred bank account.

If you are using an alternative third-party gateway, I recommend reaching out to their Support team directly, as each gateway will have their own set of policies. 

Let me know if you're using Shopify Payments, and I'll be happy to pass your feedback on this over to our team.

Luna | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Are there any integrations within Shopify Payments where collected deposits from locations can be pooled and then paid out to alternative bank accounts?


I know our locations depend on daily deposits and the additional day or two delay in receiving those funds could cause some problems. It would also require daily transfers which can become costly in the time spent and bank fees.


Thank you in advance!

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Hi Luna,

When can we expect a solution for this? I've found multiple threads dating back as far as 2020 asking about this same problem. Can the developers make this a priority stat?

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Can someone please provide an update on this? 

Echoing TenThousandPots sentiment: This has been asked many times many different ways. Is this even a consideration for the Shopify's roadmap?


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Hi there! Curious if you ever found a solution for this? We have the exact same situation with two locations & online so we don't want separate shopify accounts for inventory management purposes...and agreed the transferring makes the books quite a mess!! 

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Same issue here.

We serve multiple countries and use multiple accounts. Is there a way to associate different accounts to different stores?

If that's not possible, how can we route people to the right store depending on their location?