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Some items we'd like to sell have deposits for the containers they are delivered in.  it's not a rental, there is no fee for the items use. I just need to be able to charge a deposit that can be easily refunded when the container is returned or not if it isn't returned.  The apps I'm finding are for splitting payments for a single item.  If there's a way to make a single item purchase show and bill as two items where I can refund the one separately I'm not seeing it. 

Any help would be appreciated.

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we do support the above scenario through 'Deposit flow' in Depo(

We also have a tutorial on how to set it up for your flow:

Do let us know if you need help with setup. You can reach us out here or at



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hey @Fifty_Paul 


We have lots of customers using our app to charge the deposit. It adds as a separate product and then when the customer brings it back they refund that one item off their invoice.


Check it out:

If you do end up trying it out feel free to reach out to me 


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Finally there is a solution to it:

you should try this :

it will create pfand fees  for your store, and also monitors your cart, so that fee cant be removed .

also it works on particular product and per qty basis.