Designate orders with tag to location

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We receive orders from a 3rd party that come in with a specific tag. 

Is there a way to designate that tag to a specific location to ship from. 


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@CuratedMass  I don't think there's a way to do that within Shopify, if you can't find a solution within Shopify, you can use Order Automator app to handle that for you.


What you would do is create an Auto Fulfillment rule. Example: IF order tag = "Some tag" THEN change location of line items to "Location X". Then it will automatically change to your selected location on each order.

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Hello TIA,


We are working an automation tool and we can prefectly solve your problem.

Please check this workflow out and you can start to use it by connecting your store.




This is totally free before you have 1000runs.


Let me know if you would like to automize other operation work too. Happy to help 🙂


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