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Difference between Fedex shipping charge and what Shopify shows as cost of shipping

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Has anyone noticed a difference between what your customers pay for Fedex shipping when they purchase versus what Fedex invoices you for the same order? Example, customers pays $10 in shipping for order #1234 but the Fedex charge to you for that same order is $11.  I believe I have pinpointed some of the reasons - our dimensions on boxes are slightly off and there are Fedex surcharges which seem to only show up on the Fedex invoices to us.

Any and all thoughts appreciated! 

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Yeah, sometimes there are variations in the shipping charges, it is charged as an additional charge to handle the package carefully because there will be uncertainties in weight and dimensions. FedEx has its own criteria, henceforth the shipping charges differ, It can be charged like,
Additional Handling Surcharge for both the Express Package and Ground Services.
A surcharge applies to any package that
1. Based on the Dimensions
Standard Dimension limits were 30 cm for horizontal side length and 48 cm for vertical side length.
2. Based on the Weight
The standard Weight limit ranges between 50 lbs-70 lbs, for ground and international shipping respectively.
You can check the rates in advance in all possible ways to get discounted and cheaper shipping rates,
Here are a few ideas, how you can do it?
If you ship in bulk or more volume you can get discounted shipping rates.
Joining FedEx Rewards helps to get lower shipping rates adding more credits to your account.
Find out in advance which fees and surcharges apply to your shipments to help you avoid unexpected charges. And provide accurate declared value estimates on your shipping documentation.
Use drop-off options to avoid pickup charges
Package your shipments efficiently to reduce cost
Avoid surprises on your freight shipping.
Check the additional handling fees and surcharges in advance here, before shipping the package.

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