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I know that this topic has been discussed before on this forum, but I am hoping that someone can help me.

My store is for a small pottery studio that conducts two sales per year. We cannot afford to lose money on shipping, and we use a lot of packing material since we are shipping delicate items. In our last sale, therefore, we set up a default box that weighed 2 pounds and used calculated shipping to add the product weights to that. It went fine, but we ended up way overcharging people who bought lighter items, particularly jewelry. 

We are preparing for our next sale, and I am wondering if there is a more efficient way to do this that does not risk us losing money on shipping. We need to be able to include multiple items in one box and calculate the shipping based on the total weight of the package. Is there any way to add jewelry to another shipping profile that has a lighter box weight? Or are there any other solutions that come to mind? 

Thanks for any help!

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We have a similar situation where we sell olive oil (from small bottles to huge 10L bulk cases) and also lightweight spice pouches. I can see from our Abandoned Carts that we're losing out on LOTS of smaller sales because shipping is being quoted way over what it actually costs. If Shopify would just let us assign different default boxes to different products (like Square does!!!), it would solve everything!! Instead, I've been having to look at expensive, complicated shipping apps. PLEASE Shopify, enable this basic feature!

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FYI I messaged Shopify Chat and asked this feature be considered. They said:

My apologies if you feel frustrated about the feature. One thing I can do is send your request up to our Platform Development team to reconsider updating the feature for the default boxes and packages. At Shopify, we pride ourselves on the continued growth and development of our platform, and we are only able to strive towards this goal with feedback and comments from merchants just like you. There is no guarantee that a request will get a Green Light, or make it to a product launch right away, but we always appreciate merchants reaching out with any suggestions. While it's not something that we're going to be able to implement for now right away, I am going to submit this to our developers as a feature request because I know you're not the only customer who's been asking about this. This will add your voice to the others which helps give our developers a clear understanding of places where improvements are needed.

So PLEASE contact them to ask, the more of us who ask for features, especially relatively simple ones, the better chance we have!

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There has been a lot of queries regarding the dimension based packaging and calculation of rates. I know you guys are looking for a solution from the side of Shopify. But, as there hasn't been a solution, you can look into the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app as a workaround, that would help you automate the packaging process based on the product weight & dimensions. You can add custom boxes based on the product and the app automatically chooses the right box based on the customer input. Also, the app helps you handle the shipping process as well.

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