Different fulfillment for products in shopping cart - how to solve?

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There must be a solution with Shopify to this issue but I am having trouble finding it out myself. I am creating an online store where I use partially a print on demand service which is directly connected to my Shopify. However, I would like to offer some items in my shop which are either fulfilled by myself or another Print on Demand provider.

1) If customer adds two items into the cart which should be fulfilled by different partners, is there a way to handle this situation? Can Shopify push certain items to one partner and either leave the other items to "manual fulfillment" mode or push them to other partner automatically?

2) There might be different shipping methods involved. What's the easiest way to solve it? For example here within my country I could offer some very cheap and quick methods but my Print on Demand partner uses a general flat rate courier. Can I somehow ask the customer to select different shipping methods per product in cart?

Hope you understand what I mean... Thanks so much!

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