Re: Different Payment Methods for certain customers only

Different Payment Methods for certain customers only

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Hey folks! 

Is there a way I can show a manual payment method at checkout only to a certain type of customer? 

id like to be able to offer invoiced payment terms to certain customers who I can tag as being in terms. Is there a way I can get this manual Lyme to method to appear at checkout only for those customers when logged in? 


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I'm also looking for the exact same thing.

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@BlinkMedicalany luck? We're looking for the same thing... offering a manual payment for customers who are tagged with XXX.

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Yes, you can show specific manual payment option for a certain tagged customers using PayRules: Hide Payment Methods app.


Suppose you tagged your customers as VIP and only these customers can see the Lyme manual payment option at checkout. To do this, you can follow the below steps in the app:


  1. Write Lyme in the Additional payment methods field.
  2. Choose Hide if not found and write VIP in the Customer tags field like the below screenshot.




Now your VIP tagged customers can only see the Lyme payment option at the checkout. Thanks.