Different payment plans for different products

Different payment plans for different products

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I'd like to be able to set up products, each with different payment plans options.


For example: Product 1 would be for $500 with 3 payment plan options: 


  • The first payment option would be for a one-time payment but with a discount of 5% if they do. So 475
  • The second payment plan would be for 300 upfront and then 2 monthly payments of $100
  • The third option would be for monthly payments over three months but with a 5% increase. So $175/month. 


Product 2 would only have the option for monthly payments or pay upfront the full amount. 


Is there any way to achieve this? 

And then could we have the option to split the entire shopping cart total monthly? 


Thank you in advance! 




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Hey David,


I think the closest you're going to get to this is the "Shop Pay Installments" functionality. 


See here: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/payments/shop-pay-installments


You wouldn't be able to select different payment options for different products though.


Your customers can choose between the following installment payment options at checkout:

  • Four, biweekly, interest-free payments, for orders from 50 USD to 999.99 USD.
  • Monthly payments for orders from 150 USD to 17,500 USD. Monthly installment orders are interest-bearing from 10 to 36% APR, and may be paid in three, six, or twelve months depending on the purchase amount.

So your customer would have a choice, at checkout, for which payment plan they want -- regardless of which product they're purchasing (and there wouldn't be any kind of discount you could add, based on which option they choose). 


There are a few 'payment plan' apps available on the Shopify app store (but I don't personally have much experience working with these, so I wouldn't be able to say 'for sure' if they could support the functionality that you're looking for). 










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Thank you so much! I appreciate your reply. Is there a third-party app that
could offer what I'm looking for? Even if it's just to have the different
payment plans for the cart total instead of per product.