Different Shipping Costs to Different States

Different Shipping Costs to Different States

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Aloha, my shop is in Hawaii my shipping costs within the state are drastically different in price then shipping to the other US states on the mainland and we are losing money on our shipping costs! For instance an order that costs $8 to ship within Hawaii costs $23 to California. I have rates set up by weight and a cost value per weight, and I have tried fixing this in the shipping rates but it will only let me apply different shipping rates per area shipped to for products in that profile, but I want these options for ALL products. Please help, we are losing money! So to be clear, is there a way that once the customer has entered in their address, the order then will give a shipping rate for that address, meaning my rate for shipping within Hawaii will be different than my rate to other states? Thank you in advance!

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Try to use Flat Rate boxes whenever possible. 

But you can have different shipping zones. Don't just say United States. Choose which states.  Create one zone for Alaska and Mainland then another zone for Hawaii.

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This is possible with Shopify Shipping Zone.


If you initially chose the United States as the country in a zone, you can uncheck the United States and select the necessary states. This way, you'll be able to designate Hawaii as a separate zone.


Note: The UI is a bit clunky; you may need to unselect, save again, and reload to see all the available state options to choose from.

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