different shipping rates for different products in different locations

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Hi there, 


we're currently shipping two products from one location (Portugal) and set up rates (16 and 22 eur) for different zones. This is our first profile. 

That worked fine until we added three new products that are being shipped from another location (Paris). We set up a second profile with different rates (5, 14, 22 eur) for different zones. 


When we tried to check out with the new products we received this error message: "This Order Can’t Be Shipped To The Address You Entered". I remember getting this error when I excluded different spanish enclaves from the first profile. I had to add another zone with only the enclaves since Shopify somehow didn't add them to rest of world automatically. 


Anyways, we tried to add the products from the second profile to the first and changed the inventory location of the products to Portugal which allowed us to proceed with the checkout, but we do need to be able to check out with the other rates / second profile.  


Also we'd need to charge both rates in case a customer buys a product from each location, but if someone could help resolve the first problem that would be a huge relief.   


Thank you

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