Different Shipping Rates for Different Products

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My store is set up for free shipping over $150. However, I have one category of products (Accessories) that I do flat shipping on, and this seems to work fine when customers are only buying products from that product category. However, if someone is doing a transaction where they are buying a product that is eligible for free shipping plus buying an Accessory, I want the shipping to be free. I can't figure out how to set this up because when testing it, it's charging the flat rate even though there are multiple items from different categories and the total is over $100.

Just in case this doesn't make sense:

Non Accessory item < $150 = calculated shipping

Non Accessory item > $150 = free shipping

Accessory item of any value = flat rate shipping

Non Accessory item + Accessory item > $150 = free shipping

Non Accessory item + Accessory item < $150 = calculated shipping


Thanks for any advice!

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I'm having the same issue.  Can anyone help?


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Currently the only available work-around would be to use an application to set up more specific shipping rules. Since you have to create different shipping profiles and if orders contain products from different profiles or locations, this will result in combined rates at the checkout. This feature is in place to ensure merchants don't end up over paying for shipping when customers order products from multiple profiles or locations, but in some cases, there might be such issues. You can look into some of the apps that help you handle this here.

Hope this helps!

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