Different Shipping Rates for two types of goods

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we're stuck with a shipping rate problem here and wanted to ask if there are some ideas/help here. 


We offer selling products in our online shop. The have a shipping rate of 5€ 

We also offer services where clients can send us objects and we process them.

Clients can then choose to pay 1€ if we store the object for them, or 5€ if we send the object back to them. 


Client buys just a selling good. -> shipping 5€ 

Client buys just a "process object" -> "shipping" either 1€ (storing) or 5€ (sending it back to the client after processing) 

Problem is, if a buyer buys a selling good AND a "process object". The buyer should pay 5€ (for the selling good) and then should be able to choose between 1€ for storing the processed good or 5€ (for sending him the processed and the selling good back)


If I order selling good and process object at the moment only the selling good shipping costs apply and there is no option to pick the additional 1€. 


I hope I explained my problem good enough? Hope to find help. 


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You can't provide addon-rates, fees,  like that in the shopify checkout shipping step.

It needs to be a list of total rates where one is chosen.


You should try to predetermine the possible combinations of items and create rates to support that.

Or use a shipping app configured to present the total rates for the different combinations.


One trick may be to set the "process object" to be a heavy weight which triggers rates for 10€  or 11€ when other items are in the cart.


The alternative is to make the "process object" be the cost and have a variant with a handling-type option

#1 Store 1€

#2 Store and Return 5€

If use that way instead, make sure to update your messaging to avoid customer confusion.



ShopifyPlus Only - If the store is on a Shopify Plus plan checkoutscripts could help to hide/show specific rates.

Finally Combinable Discounts - EARLY ACCESS ONLY - Use Free Shipping With Other Discounts

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Hey Paul,


thank you for your reply. 

We thought about the option with the handling option too. Only problem is there: The fee is only applied per order and not per item. If the customer orders 5 process items, he/she would need to pay 5 times the fee. 


Is there a good shipping fee app for this issue? We really need a solution for this. 😕